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(BBC2, 10 episodes, 1991)

January 1991 on BBC2 as part of the DEF II youth strand.

Episode 1: (29' 16")

11.59 "3 AM" (video)
Ultra Vivid Scene "Special One" (video)
Jah Shaka & Mad Professor interview
Jah Shaka & The Fasimbas "My Song" (live studio)
Parchman "Ride" (SnubTV video)
Definition of Sound "Now is Tomorrow" (video)
Teenage Fanclub interview, "Everything Flows" (live)
The Fall "High Tension Line" (video)
Fortran 5 "Love Baby" (video)

Episode 2: (29' 13")

The Darkside "Good for Me" (SnubTV video)
Dinosaur Jr, J. Mascis & Murph interview, "Freak Scene" (SnubTV video extract), "The Wagon" (video)
The Scientist "The Bee" (video)
Manic Street Preachers, interview, "Motown Junk" (Live)
Pixies "Velouria" (video)
Spirea X, Jim Beattie interview, "Chlorine Dream" (live)
Frontline Assembly "Virus" (video)

Episode 3: (29' 08")

Throwing Muses "Counting Backwards" (video)
Drive "Greasegun" (live)
Creation Records feature on the label's interest in dance music on the release of the "Keeping the Faith" compliation album, Ed Ball interview, Bobby Gillespie interview, Primal Scream "Loaded" (video extract), Tony Martin aka Hypnotone interview, Hypnotone "Dream Beam" (video extract), Kevin Shields & Belinda Butcher interview, My Bloody Valentine "To Here Knows When" (video)
Shut Up and Dance "Derek Went Mad" (video)
The Cure, Robert Smith interview, "The Big Hand" (live), "Away"
Spacemen 3 "Big City" (video extract)

Episode 4: (28' 19") Titles and intro missing

The Heartthrobs "She's in a Trance"
Massive aka Massive Attack, interview, "Daydreaming" (video extract), "Unfinished Sympathy" (video)
Crime & The City Solution "The Dolphins and the Sharks" (video)
William Burroughs "Thanksgiving Prayer" (video)
Young Disciples, interview, "Step Right On" (video extract), "Apparently Nothin'" (video)
The Godfathers "Unreal World" (video)
Coil "Windowpane" (video)

Episode 5: (28' 03")

Neds Atomic Dustbin "Happy" (video)
Son of Bazerk "Change the Style" (video)
Slowdive "Morningrise" (video)
The The "Jealous of Youth" (live)
Curve "Ten Little Girls" (video)
Trip, interview, "Miss You" (video)
Bleach "Dipping" (video)
Buffalo Tom "Fortune Teller" (video)

Episode 6: (29' 03")

The Telescopes "Celeste" (video)
Caveman, interview, "I'm Ready"
Catherine Wheel "She's My Friend" (live)
The Dylans "Godlike" (SnubTV video)
Galliano, interview, "Nothing Has Changed" (live extract), "Storm Clouds Gather" (live)
Kitchens of Distinction "Drive That Fast" (video)

Episode 7: (28' 18")

Ride "Unfamiliar" (video)
Stereo MC's, interview, "Lost in Music" (SnubTV video)
Cranes, interview, "Reach" (live)
Ruthless Rap Assassins "Justice (Just Us)" (video)
Gallon Drunk "Draggin' Along" (live)
Chapter and the Verse, Colin Thorpe & Aniff Cousins interview, "Black Whip" (live)
Cranes "Sixth of May" (live)

Episode 8: (29' 23")

Ocean Colour Scene "Yesterday Today" (live)
Butthole Surfers "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (video)
Boys Own Records feature, Bocca Juniors "Raise" (video extract), Andrew Weatherall, Terry Farley, Pete Heller interview, Less Stress "Don't Dream it's Over" (video), Bocca Juniors "Substance" (studio recording)
Moose, interviewed by Emma form Lush, "Jack" (live)
World of Twist, interview, "Sons of the Stage" (video)
Ocean Colour Scene, interview, "Sway" (live)

Episode 9: (29' 14")

Cocteau Twins "Orange Appled" (live)
Gunshot "Crime Story" (video)
Chapterhouse, interview by Miki from Lush, "Pearl" (live)
Gary Clail & On U Sound, interview, "Human Nature" (video)
Blue Orchids "Hanging Man" (live)
Krispy 3, interview, "Destroy the Stereotypes" (live)
Cocteau Twins "Ella Megalast Burls Forever" (live)
Intastella "Dream Some Paradise" (video)

Episode 10: (29' 28")

Top "She's Got All The World" (live)
Flowered Up, interview, "Take It" (SnubTV video)
Soul Family Sensation, Jolissa & Jonathan interview, "Perfect Life" (live)
Wolfgang Press, interview, "Mama Told me not to Come" (video)
Boo Radleys, interview, "Happens to us All" (live)
Top, interview, "Buzzin'" (live)
Rebel MC, interview, "The Wickedest Sound" (video)


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