Tuesday, 5 August 2014

sex pistols pretty blank [15cd]

CD 1 - 100 Club 24/9/76

This is Burton-on-Trent, not 100 Club. It's a transfer of an LP which was wrongly labelled
as 100 Club. I compared this to the indecent Exposure CD from the box set of the same name,
which is also a recording of this gig. Indecent Exposure sounds better but runs too slow.
This new disc runs at the correct speed but is over processed and thin sounding. Why is
nothing ever easy with the Pistols?

CD 2 - Spunk original 

This seems a straight transfer of The Amazing Kornyfone TAKRL 929 pressing of Spunk, with a
radio advert for NMTB tacked on the start. The pitch is correct and the banter is present;
obviously it doesn't sound as full as the official 2006 Spunk release on Sanctuary Records
but that runs too slow

CD 3 - Dave Goodman demos 77

This is a straight transfer of the LP Live Worldwide, so PiL's Tube 1983 appearance makes an
appearance along with Goodman's butchered/remixed versions of the Spunk sessions and clips
from Lydon's appearance on Jukebox Jury in 1979. It seems to be copied from the CD version
rather than vinyl, luckily.

CD 4 - Goodmans demos + Sid from Max's / Screen on the Green 77

First half is a transfer of Last Show On Earth/Drugs Kill LP, which is/was garbage. It was
released by Jock McDonald and copied from Spunk/Sid Sings/Some Product/Swindle with some crowd
noise from the bootleg Vicious Burger! The second half is much better: Screen On The Green 1977
- the quality is very good, I was impressed!

CD 5 - Halmstad + Stockholm 77 

A good transfer of the bootleg LP Bad Boys In Sweden.

CD 6 - Ivanhoe's, Huddersfield 25/12/77

This is not what it says it is. It's a straight
transfer of the unofficial LP God Save The Sex Pistols, which was always a nice compilation in
my opinion .

CD 7 - Great South East Music Hall 

Atlanta 1978 audience recording which has some extra
stuff not on the soundboard version - good to have this on CD.

CD 8 - Psychotic Reaction - Baton Rouge 

Baton Rouge 1978. A great gig. A pity it runs a little fast.

CD 9 - Nashville 3/4/76

More complete than the version on bootleg CD Savage Young Pistols. It runs at correct speed so
it's actually listenable! I'm very glad to have this.

CD 10 - 100 club 20/9/76

This is actually 31/8/76 100 Club NOT 20/9/76 as claimed. However, it's good to have this gig on CD.

CD 11 - Nikkers Club, Keighley 19/12/77 

Great! The highlight for me.

CD 12 - Electric Circus 76 

Manchester 9th Dec 1976. This is the LP source, not the Never Mind The Bans CD source. It has
extra crowd noise at the start and is speed correct, but is missing the track Problems.

CD 13 - Randys Rodeo 8/1/78 

Runs too fast but it's listenable.

CD 14 - San Antonio 

Garbage. Horrible, horrible, sounding version of Atlanta, rearranged and labelled as San Antonio.

CD 15 - Happy House, Sweden 77 / Moganbo Disco 77 

The first half of this CD is redundant; it's a sped up version of 28/7/77 Stockholm lifted from
the bootleg LP Scandinavian Tour 77 (SOYA 4395518). However, the second half is a good recording
of Mogambo Disco, Helsingborg, Sweden, 16th July 1977.